Board of Directors of Lao Holding State Enterprise was established on 21st February 2005 by the Ministerial Decision No.0454/MOF.
LHSE is managed by the Board, chaired by Vice Minister of Finance.
The Board consists of 5 members, representing various Government Agencies and LHSE.
Deputy Chairman represents Ministry of Energy and Mines. One member represents Committee for Planning and Investment. General Manager of LHSE is also a member and the last member of the Board represents employees of LHSE.
The Chairman of the Board had appointed an employee of LHSE to act as Secretary to the Board, who shall be responsible to take and prepare for signature the minutes of meetings and resolutions and issue notices of meetings of the Board to all Directors.
The ordinary Board meeting takes place every three months. Extraordinary meetings may be held more frequently and at any time as the business of LHSE requires.
The Board and General Manager are responsible to use their best efforts to have LHSE comply with the Annual Plan. They will be accountable to the Shareholder (Minister of Finance) for the performance of LHSE against the targets set in the Annual Plan and generally.