Establishment of Lao Holding State Enterprise

        To establish a State-Owned Enterprise there are certain steps and procedures to be followed and fulfilled as it is required by Lao Laws and Regulations. Here below are the brief descriptions of certain important Decisions and document confirming the establishment and existence of the Lao Holding State Enterprise (LHSE).
The General Manager of LHSE was appointed on 24th December 2004 by the Minister of Finance to carry-out all preparatory works necessary for establishing the LHSE. The Minister’s Decision No.2702/MoF nominated Dr. Somboune Manolom to become the General Manager of LHSE, which shall be established shortly.
On 21st February 2005 the Minister of Finance issued a Decision No.0453/MoF on establishing Lao Holding State Enterprise (LHSE) and defining its capital.
Subsequently, in the same day (21st February 2005) the Minister of Finance issued a Decision No.0454/MoF on nomination of Board of Directors of LHSE and approved the Articles of Association of LHSE.
Finally, the Business Registration Certificate (No.0024/ DT.BC) was issued by the Ministry of Commerce on 23 rd February 2005, which had become an Official Date of establishment of LHSE.
Since 29 March 2006 the Business Registration Certificate has been renewed as the Registered Capital was upgraded more than three-folds.